Chopsticks – Bollywood film on Netflix | Review


Chopsticks – Bollywood film on Netflix chopsticks netflix movie review

Starring: Abhay Deol, Mithila Palkar, Vijay Raaz

Producted by: Ashvini Yarthe

film: Kedar Gaakwad

So, after the series of films and shows during the lockdown period, the original Netflix film Chopsticks is today’s picture. Managed by Sachin Yardi, now let’s see what ‘s happening.

Nirma Sahastrabuddhi (Mithila Palkar) is a Mandarin interpreter who purchases a Swanky New car and is introverted, untrustful. But the car gets robbed the same night for her bad luck. Linked, Nirma is beginning to look for the vehicle herself. She also encounters a conman and asks him for assistance. All begin to look for a car and cross the paths of a local Viza Raaz gangster. The remainder of the plot is how the car is finally found.

Chopsticks movie Trailer

Good thing in this movie

A fine job is done by Mithila Palkar, now a well-known name on OTT platforms. As an introvert, she performs well and is the best part of the picture. Abhay Deol is also clean, but not in the best shape. The comedy produced in several occasions by the name Nirma is excellent. But the best part is the goat-loving gangster Vijay Raaz. There are some funny scenes you’re hooked on while the leading couple look out for the ride. The work with BGM and the camera is incredible.

Bad thing in this movies

The film is dumb in its simple execution. The circumstances are right, but the way they are released in many places seems over the top. There’s no major comedy and the drama isn’t good. The movie is good in pieces, but that’s not what someone from an Abhay Deol movie is looking forward to. He seems to sleep his function in many scenes. The result is also somewhat hasty.

Final Word/ Review:

All in all, Chopsticks is a film with a fine premise but a haphazard plot. The others tend to irritate you with its top design, while one scene looks good. Other than Mithila Palkar ‘s performance. Nothing has to be shown in this film.

Movie Score: 2/5

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