It Happened in Calcutta (2020) |web Series | Alt balaji

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It Happened in Calcutta (2020) |web Series | Alt balaji

Starring: Karan Kundrra, Naghma Rizwan, Aman Vasishth, Ivan Rodrigues Directed by Ken Ghosh Cinematography: Anubhav Bansal, continuing the review series of films and shows in the lockout period, the Hindi web series

Rating of “It Happened in Calcutta” 2.5/5

It Hapened in Calcutta is today available in Alt Balaji and we’ll see how it is. In the MBBS course in a reputable medical college, Kusum Ganguli(Naghma Rizwan). Ronobir Chatterjee, on the other hand , attempts to tame her (Karan Kundra), but refuses her. With the passage of time, Kusum is flirting through Ronovir, but he deceives her and makes her heartbreak. In 1971, in the middle of Indo – Pak, they meet again. In these troubled times during Calcutta the rest of the story is about how the couple revitalize their passion.

Which is good It Happened in Calcutta ?

Karan Kundra, Heartthrob TV, is leading and is doing a good job. His look, his performance and the delivery of dialogue, are excellent and make the series adorable. Yet Nagma Rizwan, the woman who is a debutant, win the cake like Kusum. The entire show is based on her, and in her role the young girl does so well. The basic setting of the love story looks lovely. Production and camera work are top quality as beautiful visuals have been shown. In the first part of the web show, several university episodes have been well planned.

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Which is bad It Happened in Calcutta ?

The show was held in 1969, but too many cinematic freedoms were taken up by the producers. There’s little scene like kissing in pubic, talking about sex openly, and different things that weren’t part of the culture at the time. The producers have added glitz, which they could have avoided, just to make matters more attractive. The story is routine too, and nothing new.

final word It Happened in Calcutta ?

Overall, the final word is a good setting and solid performance in Calcutta. Since the background is old, however, the narrative should have been realistic. There is plenty of glamor and glitz just to make things enjoyable and it’s where things go. If you love stories from time to time, fire it but it doesn’t rave about something special.

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