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Pati patni aur woh {2020}| Riya San | Web series | Mx Player | Review

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Pati patni aur woh {2020} Web series | Mx Player | Review

Nisheeth Neerav Neelkanth: Sarit Shekhar Chatterjee and Karan Sanchala

So, continuing the rehearsal of films and shows during the period when they have locked down, our today ‘s selection is the Hindi Web serial Pathni aur Woh. Such films are to be continued during the lock-down.

The series is provided free of charge on MX Player. What’s the story about Benaras is about Mohan (Anant Vidhat) losing his Surabhi wife (Vinny Arora). However, here the catch is that the soul of Surabhi is visible to Mohan. Surabhi promises to get married soon one fine day. Therefore, heeding the wish of his wife, Mohan marries without seeing her a girl called Rihm Jhim(Riya Sen). Both Mohan and Surabhi were shocked to see the beauty of Rih Jhim on the first night of his marriage. As Mohan gets excited, Surabhi begins to be jealous of the new wife of Mohan. The remainder is the manner in which Mohan manages his late and present wife.

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What is good in Pati patni aur Vo?

Anan Vdihat has the lead and does quite well with the part that is stuck between two women, and who has played an important role in Salman Khan’s Sultan. As a nagging wife, Vinny Arora is too good. But the show is stealed by Riya Sen with her deed. She looks glamorous and also has a great role and shows she isn’t a pretty face and she is able to act well as well.

The series ‘ history is very interesting and the factor of jealousy between both women was well executed. The small town set – up and the way fundamental emotions play a major role in life were well performed. The visuals are excellent and dialogues need to be mentioned in particular. The angle of comedy is also good in a few episodes.

What’s wrong in Pati patni aur Vo?

After the first two episodes have started on a superb note, in the latter part of the show things fell flat. The logic is a big jump, because the director brings the soul into so many stupid situations that it is difficult to believe. After that, the drama is forced to look and emotions are artificial. The justification of the character isn’t correctly done, but the makers finish the show successfully in the last season.

Pati Patni Woh is a familiar drama with a very good location, ultimately, Word Overall. The performances are smooth and the views attractive. But things go for a jolt from the third episode, as the story becomes bland, and the scenes are above. All those who like to play small towns can make a shot of this series, but it doesn’t have anything new.

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