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Official Bhootiyagiri Season 3 2020 | Review | trailer

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Official Bhootiyagiri Season 3 2020 | Review | trailer | Rating | Mx Player

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The story is on the Hindi web-series Bhootiyagiri: Rithmanship of the films and shows during the lock-down period, and Star Cast: Sumeet Vyas: Ritvik Joshi, Omkar Kulkarni Director: Pranav Bhasin Production: MX / TVF Player Music: Aakash Mukherjee So. After being imprisoned in season 2, Dilwar Rana(Sumeet Vyas) a top – class CEO, will begin to run his business from the penitentiary. This series is available free of charge on a MX Player. After a moment, he is released and brought back to a luxurious hotel in a condition. He is compelled to do so, but not many know Dilwar is infantly connected to the hotel. The rest is how Dilwar utilizes all his leadership skills and turns this hotel into a great success.

What is good Bhootiyagiri web series?

The first episodes are pretty good and start with a knock. Today ‘s concept of CEO of a haunted hotel looks very robust. Sumeet Vyas does his best in his role and shows his traumatic past very well in numerous scenes with his expressions. The show’s BGM is pretty good and the cast is also good. In many scenes, the subtle comedy is well held in many areas as well. The casting is perfectly done, because many characters look real and are very deep.

What is wrong in Bhootiyagiri Web series?

The latter part of the episodes goes down like a bunch of cards after the show begins in such a nice way. The length of these episodes is lower, but a good thriller becomes a routine and predictable family drama with many top and stupid scenes.

However, in the last few episodes the screenplay is the biggest drawback. The story takes a beat, and in no time is it dull and boring what could be a gripping watch. The so-called scenes of horror also do not influence the story.

Our team Opinion

Overall, Bhootiyagiri’s third season has a new, strong premise, but lousy narration kills it. The show begins with a highly promising note and keeps you on your toes. Once this third episode begins, however, things become flat and predictable, routine and topical. In no time does it feel like a really good chance and makes this series a major downturn.

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