Penguin movie 2020 | Review | Amazon Prime | Keerthy Suresh New Movie

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Penguin movie 2020 | Review | Amazon Prime | Keerthy Suresh New Movie

Keerthy Suresh’s is a  Director of penguin movie

Karthik Subbaraj, Karthhekeyen Santhanam, Sudhan Sundaram, Jayaram: Santhosh Narayanan Keerthy Suresh’s Penguin is a film which has been greatly promoted over recent weeks.

The film skiped the theater release and today is directly available on Amazon Prime. Story Rhythm (Keerthy Suresh) is a pregnant woman who is very upset in life, as her elder son Ajay(Master Advaith) is six years old. The main talk in the city is that Ajay was abducted by a criminal who is accompanied by a mask from Charlie Chaplin and abducts children.

With time, Rhythm comes up with an important breakthrough in dealing with the situation on its own. Who has Ajay abducted? What is their reason? What is their cause? You have to watch the film on the big screen to find out the answers.


The soul and the live of the film as she performs solidly is Plus Points Keerthy Suresh. Only due to her, in many areas is the film meaningful. The first 40 minutes of the film are quite attractive and a good curiosity factor is presented in the story.

movie Triler

music and the sound track

BGM is excellent and elevates many scenes by Santosh Narayanan. Mention of the camera work that solidly shows the film with lovely visuals.

The actor who played the doctor performed properly. In the initial scenes, the film is shown with a gripping screenplay both before and back in time.

penguin Movie Disadvantage

The biggest disadvantage of the movie is that it lacks the fundamental emotional depth. Although Keerthy Suresh is doing well, she did not demonstrate the fundamental desperateness of a mother when her child is six long years old missing. That is where you are not affected by the emotional angle.

Director Eshvar Karthic has a good history, but it’s not so attractive to perform. The latter part of the film misses the so-called thrilling scenes. The dubbing is pretty bad and the film has strong Tamil aroma and the cast is not so good.

The way the character of the doctor is incorporated into the story and the ideologies behind his behavior in the police station are seen above. The climax is a downturn after creating so much hype during the first phases and has been shown in numerous movies previously.

penguin movie review as Technical

Technical: Santosh Narayanan and BGM are, as stated earlier, very good music and hold the movie well. The manufacturing values and the camera are top quality. The details and bloodshed in the film appear quite real and the art department should be mentioned in particular. Dialogs have been decent and editing has been decent.

He has only done a good job with his story when he comes to the director, Eshvar. He begins the movie well and he misses his plot and makes the film dull when it has to be done well, in terms of turns and excitement. The execution is quite ordinary and how the big rotation in the plot takes place at the end.

Verdict: All in all, Keerthy Suresh performs Penguin ‘s mystery thriller. The first 40 minutes are very good, with production values and the prerequisites. But in the last half hour the film falls flat, with thrills, feelings, and climax. The movie is perfect for an OTT release and can be shot if you don’t need anything else. But be prepared for the routine things you will receive.

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