The Casion-Hindi 2020 series | Zee 5

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The Casion-Hindi 2020 series | Zee 5

Star Cast: Karanvir Bohra, Aindrita Ray, Mandana Karimi and Hardik Gujjar Production: Shabbir Ahmed

So, who continues the review of films and shows over a lock-down period, our current pick is the Hindi Casino web series.

What’s about Marwah, the owner of a rich Nepalese casino that’s in deep trouble, and what is the game? It’s available on Zee5 and let’s see how it is. Rihana (Mandana Karimi), on the other hand, is a popular Casino dancer who is trying to woo Marwah for money. The Marwah ‘s son, Vicky Marwah (Karanvir Bohra), who now wants to own the casino at all costs, isn’t all of this. Nevertheless, Rihana is a larger player and loves both dad and daughter. And who wins this cash – rich casino is the narrative. What happens next.

What is good? What is good?

The whole power game and the way father, son and mistress try to play their game is well-established. In the first two episodes all this is well understood. A very young Sudhanshu Pandey doesn’t look close to his father so plays his part well. But the series is about the meaty part of Mandana Karimi. In each department, she does well and keeps the reveal well.

The series twists hold you most of the time connected. The series deals mainly with money and how you can show it in any way. Dialogs are very powerful and Karanvir Bohra has a very important role to play. The camera and BGM are good and special attention is expected in the Art Department.

What is wrong? What is wrong?

The story is about the casino, but we don’t see why people are hungry for it and how it’s run. It would have been better to show this part. While the star cast was all right, some more professional actors could have changed a lot. In the mid-episodes, the story is confused and things are boring by many backstories and a crime angle. The end is also kept open for the next season to begin, which is misleading. To make it look better, the feelings would have been a little stronger.

The Casino has a very interesting architecture and it is also presented well in the early episodes. The politics of power-hungry in the family looks nice but in the middle episode the mood of the audience is changed. All those who like witty and unrepentant crime dramas can shot this series, but it is a dull watch for others due to its emotional perspective.

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