Chaman Bahaar Review (2020) | Netflix Bollywood Movie| ReviewKaadda

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Chaman Bahaar Review (2020) | Netflix Bollywood Movie| ReviewKaadda

Cast: Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann

Produced by: Siddharth An and Kumar, Vikram Mehra Cinematography by: Arkodeb Mukherjee Music by: Mangesh Dhakde, Anshuman Mukerjee

So, continuing the series, during lockdowns, of reviewing movies and shows, our pick now is the Hindi cinematograph Cha The film is on Netflix and let’s see it. What’s the film about in Chattisgarh is a tiny town. Billu (Jitendra Kumar) is a little boy who opens his shop on a deserted road where there’s nothing happening. A family moves into a shop in front of a house one fine day. There’s a girl called Rinku, and at first sight it’s love for Billu. Rinku becomes very popular in her city within no time, and all the young people in the village land on Billu ‘s shop to woo her. Although Rinku’s company grows multiple times, many people in this area compete for Rinku. Will Billu suggest to Rinku his love? What barriers is he facing? The rest of the story is made up.

movie trailer of chaman Bahaar

What is good in chaman Bahaar movie?

The idea of the story is very good and well created. Jitendra Kumar is the life of the film and is adorable, making his debut with Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan. His character has many variations and he was well presented in the film by the young actor. The idea of a unilateral love story is very good. The movie has two wonderful songs sung by Sonu Nigam that make things quite attractive The way youth go to a lovely little village has been well demonstrated in their minds and approaches.

The climax of the film is emotional and has come to a good conclusion. Rasika, the heroine hadn’t much to do, but on the monitor she looks adorable. The BGM, the direction of art and the work of the camera are excellent. Billu has so well demonstrated his dialogs and relationship with his father.

What is bad in chaman Bahaar?

Slow pace is one of the greatest disadvantages in the film. Apurva Dhar, the director, takes a great deal of time to get into the principal plot. The way a girl looks in a few scenes and the way a girl stalks is shown is somewhat strange to the good light.

In a film which is quite bad and makes the heroine ‘s character just for eye candy, heroine angle is not at all well displayed. The jobless youth in the village are displayed in many scenes and these should have been modified in order to improve things.

Chaman Bahar has a good overall look and performance from Jitendra Kumar, a small – town love story. However, the pace is slow and the film takes a lot of time. Without that, Chaman Bahar will have enough time for a decent look during this lock-down.

Chaman Bahaar movie Rating

Rating 5.2/10

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