Kadak 2020 movie– Hindi film | Sony Liv | Review

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Kadak 2020 movie– Hindi film | Sony Liv | Review

Cast : Shruti Seth, Sahukar, Tara Sharma Saluja, Rajat Kapoor,  Sagar Deshmukh, Kalki Koechlin, Nupur Asthana, Chandrachoor Rai, and Yamini Das

Director of kadak movie : Rajat Kapur

Producer of kadak movie : Mithya Talkies, Gurudas Pai

The new film Kadak from Sony Liv today,

So, the films and shows reviewed at the lockdown period. The film is in Sony Liv, and let’s see how it is. It’s a happy Diwali holiday, what it is about Sunil(Ranvir Shorey). A guest called Raghav arrives and begins to anger Shim. Sunil immediately does not know who Raghav is except in further conversation that Raghav is Chayya ‘s husband and he has a relationship with him. When an angry Raghav shoots himself, twists in the tale emerge. Mansi Multani (Sunil ‘s wife) comes to the scene but she knows not the business of her husband. The rest of the story is how the couple handle the body with the guests returning to Diwali.

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What is good in Kadakh movie ?

Ranvir Shorey is a great actor and that’s something we are all aware of. He was the confused, frustrated husband who manages a murder scene to show his best. He takes his role seriously, but the whole set – up is very fun for his audience, and how the character gets tense. The dark comedy touches on many aspects and has scope for different emotions that the actors show. The turns in the film are fairly decent and follow rapidly without irritating the audience. Mansi Multani does an excellent job and gives the proceedings a whole lot of detail. In his little role, Cyrus is good, too.

What is bad in Kadakh movie ?

The track of the film is straightforward, and is well established at the start of the film. But over the past half hour there have been too many characters diluting the narration. Rajat Kapoor has his story about it as director, but it fails to execution, so that things look a bit above the top. Actor turned director The main way things act despite the death of a body at home is too stupid.

Kadak is a dark comedy with excellent conditions and strong performances in general. The movie starts well, but in the last half hour the audience was deceptive, the whole fun is diluted. Due to its tight running time of less than two hours, this film may be shot during this time but with very low expectations.

Rating form our team

After watching this movie our team decide to give Rating : 2.5/5

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