Review : Virgin Bhanupriya 2020 | Zee5 | Hindi film


Review : Virgin Bhanupriya 2020 | Zee5 | Hindi film

Bhanupriya is a young girl with a perfect man who wants to lose her virginity. Her friend tries to build men, but for Bhanupriya nothing happens. This is also the moment when an astrologer says that because of a problem, her desire to break her virginity can never come true. What’s the problem? Is Bhanupriya to find her love for eternity? The rest of the story is shaped.

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What good in Virgin Bhanupriya web sereis?

The only consolation of this film is Urvashi Rautela. She looks lovely and once proves that she is not a pretty person and she can do likewise. She is struggling and wearing the film on her shoulders. As her mother was all right in her role, Archana Puran Singh. A couple of fun scenes look all right in the first half.

What is bad in Virgin Bhanupriya web sereis?

This movie had no theater release. No wonder. Not one actor does his job properly, aside from Urvashi Rautela. Many C-grade films made in Hindi show better performance and this proves how bad this film is. Though good, you are cringing with execution, performances, and stupid scenes.

The dialogs that talk about a woman losing her virginity at the right time always look pretty vulgar and cheap. The movie has no emotions and, as soon as you’re a dad’s heroine speaks in the movie, you ‘re frustrated.

Overall of Virgin Bhanupriya

Overall, Virgin Bhanupriya is one of those movies that doesn’t work. Urvashi Rautela is much more interesting than that film with her posts on Instagram. The rest of the film is so bad except for the premise, that it can immediately slow down and upset the mood. Keep out of this movie.

Our Rating

Virgin Bhaupriy 1/10

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